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Our goal and passion at Marriage Experts is to equip you to be the best:

  • “you”, you can be
  • “couple” you can be
  • “family member” you can be
  • “boss/worker” you can be
  • “team player” you can be

through Superior Communication training and coaching that enhances your abilities exponentially!

With 30 years of counseling experience and a 38 year marriage, Marriage Experts Becky and Eddie Cain will coach you on how you too can enjoy the fulfillment of a lifetime marriage with days of heaven on earth instead of a dull, boring or even sub-par marriage.

We at Marriage Experts are happy to serve you whether you:

  • are planning to get married one day
  • engaged to be married
  • thinking about a divorce
  • a newlywed
  • divorced and remarried
  • married 1 day to 100 years

  •  FREE  30 minute Consultation to discuss your needs and the Marriage Expert’s solution that is right for you.  


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