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About Life LanguagesTM

Have you ever said something to someone and they took it the wrong way? …

Then to top it off no matter how hard you tried to share the true intent of your heart, you couldn’t make the person understand what you were trying to say?

wheel-bigger2What if you could discover a communication tool to unlock the ability to help you do just that?

Even better, what if this communication tool would give you enhanced insight into yourself as well as allows you to enhance your communication with your spouse, children, family, co-workers, boss and every other relationship in your life?

What if you could accomplish this with just one Deeper Intimacy and Passion Workshop or Communication Seminar?

You can! The Kendall Life Languages Profile™ (KLLP™) is a Character Centered Communication analysis tool that has been used with thousands of groups for more than 20 years and far exceeds anything else existing.

Invest in yourself today!  Take The Kendall Life Languages PROFILE™ and schedule a complementary consultation with Marriage Expert Becky Cain.


Learn how to:

  • Communicate effortlessly with your spouse & rekindle your romance by developing new effective communication skills.
  • Recreate the attraction, passion and intimacy that first brought you together.
    • Increase your effectiveness as a couple
    • Decrease misunderstanding 
    • Increasing understanding exponentially
  • Reduce your conflict & stress to start living a balanced life
    • Discover incredible conflict resolution skills
    • Resolve longstanding conflicts with ease and compassion
  • Gain a better understanding of yourself as well as your spouse
    • Develop your character strengths and reveal your passions
    • Strengthen your character weaknesses and reach your potential
  • BONUS: Create healthy ways to connect with others (such as your children, co-workers, and anyone in your life)


The LIFE Languages™ have three categories: Emotive, Cognitive, and Kinetic.

Kinectic LLs – Those who speak the Kinetic LIFE Languages generally respond to all aspects of life with Action first, then thinking or feeling. The Kinetic LIFE Languages are:

doer-t       mover-t

Emotive LLs: Those who speak the Emotive LIFE Languages generally respond to all aspects of life with Feeling first, then thinking or action. The Emotive LIFE Languages are:

respond-t         influencer-t

Cognitive LLs: Those who speak the Cognitive LIFE Languages generally respond to all aspects of life with first Thinking (reason, logic, analysis), then action or feeling. The Cognitive LIFE Languages are:

producer-t         shaper-t        contemplator-t


Contact Marriage Experts Becky and Eddie Cain today to schedule a complimentary consultation, find out about upcoming Seminars/Workshops and schedule personal or Couples Coaching. You will learn more in a single seminar/workshop about people – including yourself, then you could ever have dreamed possible!

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