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Kristi & Teddy Farinateddy-kristi “Marriage Experts, the profile and private coaching  helped me to better understand Teddy and to be more sensitive and considerate of his feelings and the things he needs to hear.

I also learned things about my personality that helped me with my interactions with other people and with how I view myself.

I am still a work in progress but have a better understanding of my/our strengths and weaknesses.”


alyssa-chancyAlyssa & Chauncy Kent

  • “I believe we have avoided a lot of arguments since Marriage Experts!


  • We also both received raises because we are able to better communicate.”


Jennifer & Trey Patterson

patterson-family-sept2016“After taking the KLLPTM Life LanguagesTM profile, my husband and I learned a lot more about ourselves and each other.

Even though we had rarely argued, our stress levels have decreased from a better understanding of each other’s needs.”